July 19 - 22 in Uddebo, SE

IECES / anti-symposium 2018

The International Encounters of Community and Environmental Sociology will be held from 19th to 22th of July in Uddebo, Sweden and will serve as a meeting place for exchange of experiences of the participants. The objective will be to discuss the future within independent cultural framework.

The first edition of International Encounters of Community and Environmental Sociology, New forms of contemplation for a new society, is intended to generate a plural space of conversation where different ideas about how to increase a new approach in the models of the auto sustainable infrastructures immersed in cultural policies will be discussed.

The event will take place in Sweden, in the rural village of Uddebo, where the local art and cultural productions can be contemplated during the gathering. An international program with non-activities, experiences and participation in a local context and social involvement belonging to Uddebo and its surroundings will be carried out.

This first edition of International Encounters is focused on Nordic professionals specialized in the field of art and culture. Various actors of the independent cultural framework will be involved. These actors are artists / thinkers / academics / gallery owners / curators / architects.

The project raises the confluence between the actors involved in the meeting and the members belonging to the Uddebo community as an opportunity to get involved in the exchange of experiences related to the development of art and cultural projects that are integrated in community and environmental sociology.

The goal of the project is to develop in the public-private space a collective thought destined to serve as an important tool in the function of improving the idea of the quality of culture associated with sustainable development and social integration.

The project will help to develop and improve the quality of art and culture by contrasting other possibilities of thoughts through the idea of channeling the collective intelligence of the participants.

The project aims to create a cultural and artistic ecosystem where a very active link with the non-state public culture is proposed, in which the various actors are engaged in a social system outside of the practice of consumption. More specifically, we want to reflect on the systematic dimension of building a sustainable culture in communities where societies can develop in a direction towards a post-human perspective; An opportunity for a meeting place and exchange of experiences of the participants whose objective will be the discussion and participation on thinking about the future of this great independent cultural framework.

Our capacity as producers of the event is contrasted by several previous projects developed in the local context and social involvement. More specifically, our last work has been to create a nonprofit organization whose work focuses on promoting research in science and humanities aimed at improving the quality of interaction in the participation of all living beings that are part of the same social ecosystem.

This gathering is presented to share projects, meet potential collaborators and find the inspiration to work collectively to consolidate a base for a future network of collaborations between the participating actors and the inhabitants belonging to the Uddebo community.

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Gula Huset, Långgatan 29, 29 514 92 Uddebo

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