The Anti-symposium serves as a meeting place for exchange of experiences and knowledge between partners, participants, invited guests and larger audience. The objectives are to discuss the future within independent cultural framework.
These gatherings allows participants to share projects, meet potential collaborators, and find the inspiration to work collectively to consolidate a base for a future network of collaborations.
The goal and format for International Encounters of Community and Environmental Sociology (IECES) is to establish a symposium with no program, no conference, no discussion groups, and no presentations. All participants share their integrated experiences through the passing of time, giving that result from the passive act of regeneration of thoughts that are not organized in a formal technical structure of discussion. The aim is to generate a new scenario where we instrumentalize art structure as a social model. The project develops as an interdisciplinary space of conversation on how to create new approaches in cultural policies based on the models of the auto-sustainable infrastructures.
IECES channels the collective intelligence and viewpoints of each participant and therefore helps to develop and improve the quality of art and culture by contrasting and channeling each participants unique ideas and perspectives.

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An annual gathering that serves as a meeting place for the exchange of experiences of the participants with the local community where the objective is to discuss the future of independent cultural frameworks.
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